P250A Profile Generator And Dual Controller

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Profile Generator And Dual Controller

Simple to set up and operate
All profile settings permanently displayed
Large (14mm) 4 digit LED display of process parameters
Two inbuilt controllers each with TP relay output
Servo start function
Automatic mains failure recovery
Profile hold function ensures correct profiling

The P250A is a combination instrument comprising of a profile generator with PWM output, for remote setting of external controllers, and two inbuilt controllers having their own control outputs (TP relays). Used in conjunction with the FGH DRM Series and S502 controllers it provides a highly competitive, accurate package for multi-zone control systems. Alternatively, the P250A can be used as a stand-alone instrument providing profile generation and two independent time proportioning controllers.

The basic profile requirements (rates, dwell and level) are set by numerical push-buttons on the front fascia, thus giving continuous display of profile form. In normal operation a 4 digit, 14mm high LED display continuously indicates setpoint value; operating the function push-button changes the display to indicate measured values, input selected being identified by status LED’s. Additional LED’s indicate profile state, and TP output relay state.

Push buttons are provided for manual start and reset; automatic (remote) start and reset can be implemented from suitably connected external sources (e.g. contact closures). To ensure economic, accurate operation the equipment incorporates:

A) Servo Start — Eliminates wasted time initiating the profile sequence from zero — the ramp up starts from the measured value of input 1. This feature is particulary useful in processes which maintain a high basic temperature.

B) Hold Band — Suspends the profiling sequence, for example, where a bank of heaters fails during the process, causing the rate of temperature increase to fall below normal.

C) Automatic Mains Failure Recovery — Guarantees programmed rates and dwell periods; on restoration of supply, the instrument senses the deviation from set-value, and modifies the profile accordingly.

The P250A Series is a highly versatile, operator friendly instrument from the FGH range.


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